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Posted November 7, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Coon hunting a thrill

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By Tyler Williams, East Buchanan freshman

WINTHROP – That fresh smell of the timber, the cool air of the night, the   loud howl of the Walker coonhound.

I love the staying up late at night with the coonhounds, listening intently for them to call out that they have a raccoon treed. They tell me through their barks. Each dog has a different bark, but they sound different when they hit a trail or when they have treed a coon.

The reasons I like staying out late with these magnificent dogs is because I like being out in the woods. I love dogs, I love hunting and, most of all, it’s something my dad did growing up that I also have  come to love.

My favorite breed of coonhound is a Walker because that is mainly what my dad and grandpa use. Another reason I like this breed is because I like their color scheme. They are usually white, black,and brown. I also like their mouth (or their bark). Some dogs have a real quiet bark, but the Walker coonhounds usually have a nice loud mouth.

Some of the factor in  sound and color are in their genes. If their mom and dad have a loud mouth, then 90 percent of the time you will get a loud mouth pup. But there are some of those mishaps.

I also like the Walker coon dogs  because some breeds can get on a deer trail or another trail rather than a coon, and will try getting something other than a coon. Walker’s usually don’t have that problem, depending  how they are trained.


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