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Posted October 20, 2013
4A East football playoff projections

Here are football playoff projections for the east side of the state in Class 4A, through Week 8:

(Note: All future outcomes are based on BC Moore computer power rankings)


#16 Waterloo West (4-5, 330 points) at #1 Pleasant Valley (9-0, 425)

#9 Cedar Rapids Kennedy (5-4, 350) at #8 Cedar Falls (6-3, 365)


#12 North Scott (5-4, 345) at #5 Iowa City High (8-1, 400)

#13 Dubuque Hempstead (4-5, 330) at #4 Cedar Rapids Xavier (8-1, 405)


#14 Clinton (4-5, 330) at #3 Iowa City West (8-1, 405)

#11 Muscatine (5-4, 345) at #6 Bettendorf (7-2, 385)


#10 Cedar Rapids Prairie (5-4, 350) at #7 Cedar Rapids Washington (6-3, 370)

#15 Davenport Central (4-5, 330) at #2 Davenport Assumption (8-1, 405)

8 Responses to 4A East football playoff projections

  1. Close.

    I’m on board with all your assumptions about the teams final records. However, the four-way tie for the #13 seed breaks down like this…
    == Dubuque Hempstead gets the #13 by virtue of opponents’ record[42-39] over Clinton, Dav Central & Wat West[all 41-40]
    == Clinton(#14), Davenport Central(#15) and Waterloo West(#16) would all then seeded by A-Z alphabetical tiebreaker.

    • 13-16 …

      I’ve got Hempstead 13th (4-5, 330, 42-39)

      Clinton, Davenport Central, Waterloo West all 4-5, 330, 41-40. Since Clinton beat Central, does that take Central to the back of the bus on the 3-way (and Clinton ahead of West on alphabet), or does the head-to-head apply only in eliminating a team from the top 16?

  2. For ties of three teams or more, the first tiebreaker is if any one team beat all the others. That doesn’t apply with Clinton/Davenport Central/Waterloo West. The next tiebreak is opponents’ record. They are all the same. No other tiebreakers apply, so you have to go all the way to alphabetical order: Clinton 14, Davenport Central 15, Waterloo West 16.

  3. Yeah, it’s tricky. If you can separate a team out of a multiple-team tie prior to alphabetical order, then you do go back to see if head-to-head applies, but that doesn’t work in this case.

  4. And, as you’ve already noted in your standings article, there’s a whole different method of tie breaking when it comes to ties that extend below the 16 seed (in other words, one or more of the teams in the tie will end up out of the playoffs). That’s where a loss by one of the teams to another in the tie knocks them to the bottom – but you don’t use that if every team in the tie is assured of a playoff spot.

    Makes it really confusing keeping the two different tie breaking sections apart.

  5. Confusing indeed. Sometimes makes you wonder if the state wants the public to know what’s going on.

  6. If nothing else, the fact that a 4-5 team might not get in is good evidence that the east side of the state should not go to the playoff system that they use out west.

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