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Posted June 21, 2013
Yegge faces 4-date suspension

CEDAR RAPIDS — Joe Yegge’s absence from the dugout with the Cedar Rapids Prairie softball team will be longer than originally believed.

Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union assistant director Joel Oswald said Friday that Yegge faces a four-date suspension after being ejected for the second time this season.

The sanction, Oswald said, was reached jointly by himself and Cedar Rapids Prairie athletics director Rocky Bennett.

“I looked back, and thought I had dealt with one of these situations before, but I hadn’t,” said Oswald, who Thursday thought Yegge would be looking at a suspension of two playing dates.

“(IGHSAU executive director Mike Dick) had six or seven of these, and historically, it was a four-date deal. There was no reason to lessen the standard in this case, and Rocky was planning on four dates anyway.”

Yegge was ejected in the first game of Thursday’s double-header split with Cedar Rapids Xavier. He was permitted to coach in the second game.

Prairie was scheduled to play at the Clear Creek Amana Classic Friday and Saturday. The Hawks are scheduled to host Linn-Mar in a double-header Tuesday and Marion in a single game Wednesday.

If all games go on as planned, Yegge would return to coach the Hawks at Waterloo West on Thursday. Any postponements would move that back.

Prairie is 16-8 and ranked No. 10 in Class 5A. The Hawks are a game behind Xavier in the MVC Valley Division title chase.

4 Responses to Yegge faces 4-date suspension

  1. Has a coach ever been ejected three times in one high school softball season? If so what are the consequences? Thanks.

  2. Are you Ed’s wife?

    Yes it’s happened and I believe you have to sit out the rest of the season. Joe is a good guy and a great coach but hereally needs to learn to keep his cool on the field and his in the game. This is not a new problem for him.

  3. This trend to be a softer, more kind, nice and sweet society is baloney. It shouldn’t be in sports anyway. As our society being accountibatle is becoming instinct. A coach squeels when a “UMP” blows a call and they throw him out? Really? was there profanity? If not, they should just continue the game. IF a coach continues to interupt the game to the point of being totally obnoxious, then after warnings throw him out. Umps are too tender. Society is to tender. Its sports. Get tough!

    • Or you could act like a civilized adult and realize that one missed call is no the end of the world.

      What kind of example does this set for kids? Don’t bother to listen to what your boss might have to say, just continue to bitch and maybe you’ll eventually get your way?

      Or you might get fired.

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