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Posted May 17, 2013
Bruns twins finish 1-2 in 3,000 meter run

DES MOINES — West Branch distance star Lindsey Bruns figured the first time she ran a race with her similarly fast twin, Courtney, came sometime in middle school.

“No,” Courtney said, gently correcting her. “When we were five, we were in a three-legged race together. We won first place.”


That — a mild disagreement rooted in memory — is as close to a sibling rivalry as you’ll get with the Bruns twins, who finished 1-2 in Thursday’s Class 2A state track and field 3,000-meter run at Drake Stadium.

Courtney won the race in 10:33.46 — her second straight title.

Lindsey took second in 10:37.69 after placing third last year.

The next closest competitor, Kelsey Kirchoff of Denver, finished more than 20 seconds behind.

“It was awesome,” Courtney Bruns said. “I always enjoy having Lindsey, my sister, right here with me when I’m racing. It’s a lot of fun and we enjoy it.”

Then she turned to Lindsey, who quickly concurred.

“I enjoyed it, too,” Lindsey Bruns said. “This is our last 3,000 together and our last race is the 1,500 on Saturday. We’re just trying to soak it all in.”

Words such as “fun” and “enjoy” make up much of the Bruns twins’ lexicon.


Try pure friendship and sisterhood — with a rainbow seemingly perched on the end.

“We’re definitely going to have our arguments,” Lindsey Bruns said. “But, really, we’re not very competitive. We are past that stage. I think that was a middle school stage and we’ve matured a little bit since then.”

But the fire to succeed comes from somewhere.

Maybe that three-legged race?

“I remember it,” Courtney said. “And we have a picture of it. So I guess it’s kind of stuck in our memory.”

The Bruns sisters’ 1-2 finish in the 3,000 helped the Bears climb into a second-place tie in points with 18.

Davis County leads with 19 points.

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