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Posted April 30, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Second gym gives West Delaware options

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By Riley Cole, West Delaware junior

MANCHESTER – Many West Delaware students and coaches appreciate the benefits of having a valuable facility like the Seedorf Gymnasium.

Since 2009, when the facility was finished, both the school and sports teams have benefited in numerous ways.

Tony Tjaden, head boys’ basketball coach, believes scheduling is a major benefit of having two gyms for practices and games.

“Two high school gyms allow teams to have more time slots available for more practices and games,” Tjaden said. “It also allows teams to not have late night practices or before school practices as much anymore.”

The additional gym eliminates having only one event per night. Now, both gyms can be used on the same night for athletics contests.

Another benefit using the new gym is safety. According to Tjaden, when bleachers are pulled all the way out in the upper gym, they reached the edge of the basketball court.

“A player could run out of bounds and go right into the bleachers,” Tjaden said.

The newer gym also has benefited basketball with its bigger courts. The main court has a college-sized floor and the two side courts are regulation-sized high school courts. In the old gym, the court was smaller than a regulation  high school court.

With the use of the newer gym, West Delaware has been able to host multiple events such as postseason basketball and volleyball games and conference and district wrestling tournaments.

“In the past, we were overlooked as a site for postseason action due to lack of seating,” Tjaden said. “Now, we have a great facility to host big crowds.”

Junior Paige Soppe enjoys playing volleyball in the newer gym.

“The crowd isn’t so close,” Soppe said. “You can just get lost in the game.”


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