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Posted March 18, 2013
A rivalry ‘to be the best’

Waverly-Shell Rock's Anna Holdiman crosses the line to win the class 3A 1500 meter run during the 2012 Iowa High School State Track and Field Meet at Drake Stadium on Saturday, May 19, 2012, in Des Moines, Iowa. Holdiman won in 4:49:05. (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette-KCRG)

CEDAR FALLS – Stephanie Jenks followed Anna Holdiman off the winners’ podium. The two exchanged a few words, congratulating each other then walked in different directions.

“Once that gun goes off it’s kind of everyone for themselves,” Holidman said. “But it’s a friendly environment. I don’t think in other sports or even in other events the girls would necessarily treat each other with as much respect and dignity as distance runners do.”

The last two weeks the two runners haven’t been able to ditch the other on the track. Seven days ago in the Iowa State High School Indoor Classic, Jenks, a Linn-Mar freshman, came from behind in the final 200 meters to clip Holdiman, a Waverly-Shell Rock senior, at the finish of the 3,000 meters. Monday, this time inside the UNI-Dome, on the Northern Iowa campus Jenks repeated the feat in the 1,500 at the Dickinson Relays.

“She definitely did pick up the pace quite a lot. It was really, really fun,” Jenks said. “Then back there on that final lap, my body was like, come on, let’s go. Go. Let’s go. And I just couldn’t hold it back any longer.”

A week prior, Jenks shifted to another gear for a four second win. Monday, she “threw her kick” at the same mark and pulled away from Holdiman for a 0.99 second win. Jenks finished at 4:41.94. Holdiman came in at 4:42.93.

“I don’t know if my body just likes that mark or what,” Jenks said. “It was like a 300 meter track and I kicked in it with about 200 meters to go and I was just like ‘Why do you do this so early?’”

Jenks also won the 3,000 at the Dickinson Relays. She turned in a 10:16.27 winning by more than 32 seconds. Holdiman didn’t run in the 3,000 Monday.

Without Holdiman in the race, Jenks’ time was nearly 30 seconds slower than her 9:49.24 in Ames.

The two rivals were the only runners to turn in times under 10:10 a week ago.

“It’s always nice to have competition, especially being a smaller school,” Holdiman said. “Having the opportunity to actually race against good competition and I think that, if we were in a different state, it wouldn’t be this big of a struggle. We’re both ranked in the top 15 in the 3,000. Just having another girl around to push is really great.”

Holdiman isn’t discouraged by the early season runner-up finishes. The senior who is headed to Iowa State next year, isn’t training to make the early push, which even surprised Jenks during the last two meets.

“It’s always kind of nice to look at the big picture and to know that I’m happy with what I did, but far from satisfied,” Holdiman said.

Last year, Holidman dropped 30 seconds off her time from the first indoor meet to the Drake Relays in April. This year, she’s already sliced 10 seconds of her season best of last year.

If history repeats itself, the third college site, Drake, would bring the final showdown.

“I mean that’s always the goal,” Holdiman said. “But it’s March. It’s early. It’s early, the indoor and outdoor is completely different. I’m not taking away from today. She did a really good job, but it will just push us both to be the best.”


At Cedar Falls

(No team scores)

60 – 1. McKennan Cronbaugh (I.C. West), 7.71; 2. Becca Cherry (Waverly-SR), 7.93; 3. Rose Riplinger (Dav. Assumption), 7.99; 4. Tamika Tucker (Dav. North), 8.05; 5. Sydney Howard (Fairfield), 8.11. 200 — 1. Rose Ripslinger (Dav. Assumption), 26.41; 2. Tamika Tucker (Dav. North), 26.46; 3. Maddie Bell (Hudson), 27.03; 4. Becca Cherry (Waverly-SR), 27.22; 5. Alicia Harrington (Cedar Falls), 27.28. 400 — 1. Alisha Jones  (Dav. North), 56.58; 2. Maddie Bell (Hudson), 59.89; 3. Maddie Irmen (Dav. Assumption), 1:00.04; 4. Haley Manning (Woodward-Granger), 1:01.15; 5. Jenny Roberts (Ankeny), 1:01.70. 800 — 1. Haley Manning (Woodward-Granger), 2:19.94; 2. Grace Coen (Newton), 2:20.18; 3. Nicole Miller (North Linn), 2:20.68; 4. Brianna King (Cedar Falls), 2:23.37; 5. Abby Caldwell (Waverly-SR), 2:24.29. 1,500 — 1. Stephanie Jenks (Linn-Mar), 4:41.94; 2. Anna Holdiman (Waverly-SR), 4:42.93; 3. Grace Coen (Newton), 4:48.19; 4. Ashlynn Yokom (I.C. West), 4:51.84; 5. Katie Wampole (C.R. Kennedy), 4:53.58.3,000 — 1.  Stephanie Jenks (Linn-Mar), 10:16.27; 2. Lauren Benzing (Solon), 10:48.40; 3. Kate Smith (Ankeny), 10:55.01; 4. Taylor Brown (Ankeny), 11:06.71; 5. Alyssa Averhoff (C.R. Kennedy), 11:10.22. 60 hurdles — 1. Kellie Wong (Ankeny), 9.42; 2. Maddie Rouw (Waukee), 9.44; 3. Madison Ranschau (C.R. Jefferson), 9.46; 4. Maleta Montague (Linn-Mar), 9.60; 5. Hannah Becker (Mount Pleasant), 9.62. 800 relay — 1. C.R. Jefferson, 1:46.60; 2. Davenport Assumption, 1:46.77; 3. Davenport North, 1:49.76; 4. Cedar Falls, 1:50.27; 5. Gilbert, 1:51.37. 1,600 relay — 1. C.R> Jefferson, 4:09.75; 2. Ankeny, 4:12.41; 3. Waukee, 4:12.70; 4. Iowa City West, 4:15.52; 5. North Linn, 4:18.08. 3,200 relay — 1. Iowa City West, 9:53.21; 2. Waukee, 9:55.15; 3. Ankeny, 9:55.80; 4. Cedar Falls, 10:05.83; 5. Davenport Assumption, 10:05.84. High jump — 1. Maddie Rouw (Waukee), 5-2; 2. Sara Strauel (Linn-Mar), 5-0; 3. Marisa Repp (Fairfield), 5-0; 4. Analese Hauber (Waukee), 4-10; 5. Grace Lutovsky (Mount Pleasant), 4-10. Long jump — 1. McKennan Cronbaugh (I.C. West), 18-6; 2. Lyndsey Koch (Hudson), 17-3; 3. Bailey Schminke (Boone), 16-7 1/4; 4. Jenny Roberts (Ankeny), 16-6 1/2; 5. Tanner Werthmann (Davenport West), 16-2. Shot put — 1. Kate Birchmier (Davis County), 41-7; 2. Blaire thomas (Waterloo West), 40-11; 3. Samantha Holtz (South Tama), 37-11; 4. Brianna Nash (Dav. Central), 37-9; 5. Shelby Gunnells (Solon), 36-3.

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