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Posted February 13, 2013
Assumption again

DES MOINES – There wasn’t one smile for the post-match photo.

West Delaware was less than thrilled with the fact it was toting another runner-up trophy back to Manchester. Plus, the way it happened added a dash of salt in the wound.

Second-ranked Davenport Assumption won seven straight matches, eclipsing a 23-point deficit, to beat the top-ranked Hawks, 30-29, in the finals of the Iowa High School Athletic Association Class 2A State Duals Wednesday night at Wells Fargo Arena. It was the second straight year Assumption recorded a come-from-behind victory over West Delaware in the championship.

The Hawks (27-1) were top contenders to win both state titles this year.

“The goal was to win a state title,” West Delaware coach Jeff Voss said. “It didn’t happen, so it’s on to the next one.”

The Hawks were stunned and disappointed after Assumption’s Joe Riley avoided a major decision and tiebreaker criteria for team score with an 8-1 loss to Brent Lammers in the final match.

“It’s hard to explain,” West Delaware’s top-ranked 106-pounder Pat Woods said. “I just didn’t think lightning could strike twice.”

It did, and Brendan Gould provided the big bolt that ignited a seven-match win streak. The run mirrored the five straight they closed the 2012 championship against the Hawks with for a 32-30 win.

Fifth-ranked Gould scored a three-point nearfall in the second period for a 5-2 win over No. 2 Zach Less at 113. It was Gould’s first win over Less this season.

“It was huge,” Assumption coach Pete Bush said. “Brendan Gould turned the tables.”

The Knights (26-5) won close matches and tallied bonus points. Jacob Fenske followed Gould’s win with a 4-3 win at 120 over Sam Phillips and Tionte Parks’ 3-2 win over Zach Muller at 145 gave Assumption a 24-23 lead that became 30-23 after Nick Georgean’s pin at 152.

Tony Devriese (126) and Kyle Springer (132) added falls during the stretch. Gould’s win is what swung momentum in Assumption’s favor.

“It was coming into our strong lineup as well,” Bush said. “It was kind of a bonus for us.”

Assumption claimed its third straight state duals title and its seventh total. The Knights stressed basics and not allowing big moves and a lot points.

“Wrestle aggressively, but don’t wrestle stupid and get in bad positions,” Bush said. “I think we accomplished that tonight and that was the difference.”

West Delaware jumped to a big lead. Jacyn Goebel and Adam Reth had consecutive pins at 195 and 220. Heavyweight Dean Broghammer followed with a 10-0 major decision over Sean Easler and Woods posted a 9-0 major decision, giving the Hawks a 23-0 advantage.

Jake Voss (160) scored three third-period points for a 3-2 win over Danny Bush, pulling West Delaware within four before Lammers’ win at 170.

“They won some toss-up matches,” Jeff Voss said. “We won a couple. They won one or two more.”

The focus turns to the traditional tournament. West Delaware has nine qualifiers, and they will all be looking to rebound from the team loss.

“It’s something probably you aren’t going to forget about,” Woods said. “You tuck it away and use it for motivation, bounce back like we did last year and go for another state title on Saturday.”

Second-ranked Davenport Assumption won the 2A state duals title. Here are the full 2A results from Wednesday in Des Moines, courtesy of TrackWrestling.com.

Match Summary - #2 Davenport Assumption def. #1 West Delaware 30-29 to win 2A titleWDELASUM
182Thomas Oleson (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Gabriel Rangel (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Dec 5-23.000
195Jacyn Goebel (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Zach Adrian (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Pin 0:486.000
220Adam Reth (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Chase Hager (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Pin 0:476.000
285Dean Broghammer (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Sean Easler (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Maj 10-04.000
106Patrick Woods (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Darien Collins (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Maj 9-04.000
113Brendan Gould (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Zach Less (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Dec 5-203.00
120Jacob Fenske (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Sam Phillips (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Dec 4-303.00
126Tony Devriese (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Dallyn Putz (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Pin 2:4506.00
132Kyle Springer (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Connor Wickman (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Pin 3:1406.00
138Eric Clarke (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Ryan Soppe (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Dec 8-103.00
145Tionte Parks (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Zach Muller (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Dec 3-203.00
152Nick Georgean (#2 Assumption, Davenport) over Tim Tutton (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) Pin 3:4806.00
160Jake Voss (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Danny Bush (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Dec 3-23.000
170Brent Lammers (#1 West Delaware, Manchester) over Joe Riley (#2 Assumption, Davenport) Dec 8-13.000
Dual Meet Score29.030.0


Match Summary - #4 Charles City def. #3 Mediapolis 40-21 to place thirdCHRCMED
182Steven Holloway (#3 Mediapolis) over Taylor Cole (#4 Charles City) Pin 2:3406.00
195Luke Johnson (#4 Charles City) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf6.000
220Mike Rubey (#3 Mediapolis) over Devon Winterink (#4 Charles City) Pin 3:0906.00
285Ethan Lamm (#3 Mediapolis) over Dalton Hamm (#4 Charles City) Pin 4:3306.00
106Mason Buster (#3 Mediapolis) over Maxwell Forsyth (#4 Charles City) Maj 11-004.00
113Johnny Etherington (#4 Charles City) over Cody McNeil (#3 Mediapolis) Dec 5-43.000
120Shea Swafford (#3 Mediapolis) over Jake Niichel (#4 Charles City) Dec 10-703.00
126Luke Erickson (#3 Mediapolis) over Austin Hoeft (#4 Charles City) Dec 10-503.00
132Seth Niichel (#4 Charles City) over Brady Banwart (#3 Mediapolis) Pin 5:276.000
138Drew Foster (#3 Mediapolis) over Adam Staudt (#4 Charles City) Dec 1-003.00
145Drew Buster (#3 Mediapolis) over Alex Mitchell (#4 Charles City) Dec 4-003.00
152Jesse Etherington (#4 Charles City) over Bradly Conley (#3 Mediapolis) Dec 11-43.000
160Cole Hoeft (#4 Charles City) over Blake Beckman (#3 Mediapolis) Dec 6-23.000
170Adam Drain (#3 Mediapolis) over Zach Milks (#4 Charles City) Pin 1:2306.00
Dual Meet Score21.040.0


Match Summary - #6 Union def. #5 Creston 36-33 to place fifthCOMULC
182Seth Maitlen (#5 Creston/O-M) over Tanner Shirk (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Dec 6-53.000
195Keaton Hulett (#5 Creston/O-M) over Tanner Hilton (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Pin 1:256.000
220Cole Tanner (#5 Creston/O-M) over Jace Hadachek (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Pin 3:376.000
285Josh Clark (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Jake Gutschenritter (#5 Creston/O-M) Pin 2:5206.00
106Jon Hellman (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Stone Hammons (#5 Creston/O-M) Pin 3:4106.00
113Kruz Adamson (#5 Creston/O-M) over Ryder Albertsen (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Pin 4:426.000
120Wyatt Thompson (#5 Creston/O-M) over Ted Tecklenburg (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Dec 9-33.000
126Max Thomsen (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Bryce Briley (#5 Creston/O-M) Pin 1:1406.00
132Trevor McLaughlin (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Joey Huntington (#5 Creston/O-M) Maj 13-004.00
138Jake Marlin (#5 Creston/O-M) over Will Reiter (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Pin 1:176.000
145Jacob Holschlag (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Jacob Johnston (#5 Creston/O-M) Pin 1:0406.00
152Logan Thomsen (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Gavin Leith (#5 Creston/O-M) Pin 3:2906.00
160Cole Reiter (#6 Union, LaPorte City) over Trevor Frain (#5 Creston/O-M) Dec 9-803.00
170Adam Baker (#5 Creston/O-M) over Christian Gray (#6 Union, LaPorte City) Dec 9-33.000
Unsportsmenlike Conduct @ 132-1.000
Dual Meet Score33.036.0


Match Summary - #7 BHRV def. #8 Ballard 40-27 to place seventhBALLBHRV
182Dallas Rozeboom (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Tyler Kyhl (#8 Ballard) Pin 0:2706.00
195Ty Koldenhoven (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Easton Moody (#8 Ballard) Pin 0:3706.00
220Tyler Dolieslager (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Charles Angell (#8 Ballard) Pin 2:3806.00
285Gregory Palma (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Alex Silberstein (#8 Ballard) Pin 1:4206.00
106Samuel Klarenbeek (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Quentin Luke (#8 Ballard) Pin 1:1706.00
113Louie Howlett (#8 Ballard) over Devin Van Beek (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) TF 19-35.000
120Ethan Estabrooks (#8 Ballard) over Maxwell Klarenbeek (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Dec 8-33.000
126Nathan Macki (#8 Ballard) over Alex Hash (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Dec 13-63.000
132Mitchell Broer (#8 Ballard) over Austin Gregg (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Maj 13-54.000
138Dillon Hansen (#8 Ballard) over Zack Konz (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Dec 11-53.000
145Mark Goldberg (#8 Ballard) over Seth Hoogendoorn (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Dec 4-33.000
152Hunter Berkenpas (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Will May (#8 Ballard) Pin 3:0806.00
160John VerMulm (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) over Ryan Sills (#8 Ballard) Maj 8-004.00
170Jake Forre (#8 Ballard) over Marcus Jones (#7 Boyden Hull/Rock Valley) Pin 2:246.000
Dual Meet Score27.040.0

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