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Posted January 25, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: West Delaware is about athletics

West Delaware during the football season.

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By Riley Cole, West Delaware junior

MANCHESTER — Every school across the state has one thing they are known for. That one thing for West Delaware is athletics.

West Delaware has a unique athletics department, which makes athletes thankful for the opportunity to carry on West Delaware’s tradition of athletics.

“It means a lot to represent West Delaware in athletics because West Delaware has a good tradition in almost every sport,”senior Ryan Dudak said. “Just playing and being a part of that legacy is exciting.”

Hannah Cole, a junior, gains pride in herself while playing sports for West Delaware. “Representing West Delaware has given me great pride knowing that I’ve been a part in the successful athletics tradition,”she said.

Senior Nick Kleitsch believes he is lucky to be able to participate in athletics at West Delaware.

“It’s an honor to be part of such a rich sports tradition,” he said.

While being a part of such a unique tradition, many athletes benefit in various ways.

“I have learned many things, such as time management and how to play as a team player,”sophomore Haley Morrisonsaid.

Many West Delaware athletes will take what they have learned while participating here into as they move on in life.

“I am going to take those life lessons and the idea that if you work hard for something you can obtain it,”senior Adam Rethsaid.

Kleitsch agrees.

“Just expecting success in everything you do and also that you never back down from a challenge in front of you,” he said.

One characteristic that makes West Delaware’s athleticsdepartment unique is the community’s support. Dudak believes the community of Manchester is absolutely amazing.

“Manchester is a very supportive community for our athletic programs and all of its athletes,”he said.

The fans who make up the supportive community are a big component in the successful athletics programs at West Delaware.

“The fans are always second to none,”junior Reilly Ryan said. “You can really tell they care.”

Reth is very appreciative of the crowds, too.

“We have one of the best crowds in all of high school sports,”he said. “They’re always cheering and giving us a boost.”

Athletics are one very important aspect to the West Delaware experience.

“It provides opportunities for kids to be involved,” Morrison said. “It also promotes a sense of school pride in your school and yourself.”

Sara Harper, a senior, believes athletics are important for setting goals even after the games and practices are over.

“Athletics are important because it gives you a goal to achieve,” Harper said. “That’s something you will need to be able to after sports.”

In the realm of high school sports, West Delaware is one of a kind.

“I love playing sports and competing,” Ryan said. “Doing it for West Delaware is just a bonus.”


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