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Posted January 22, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Honoring Mount Vernon championship coaches

Mount Vernon's state championship coaches. Front row, from left: Carol Woods (former asst. volleyball coach) and Bill Thomsen. Second row: Booster Club president Susie Belding, Stephanie Timm (accepting for her husband Ed Timm), Shirley Ryan, Jim Bellamy, Roger Johanson, Sue Deibner. Back row: Bob Landis, Bob Kintzel, Jeff Schwiebert, Bob Meeker and athletics director Joe Wallace. (Taylor Hauser photo/Mount Vernon senior)


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From Taylor Hauser and Mount Vernon’s Mustang Moon

Mount Vernon High School inducted coaches who have won state titles into the Mustang State Championship Coaches Hall of Fame on Friday.

Members are Ed Timm (2006-present), boys’ basketball state champs in 2012; Sue Deibner (1997-present), girls’ cross country state champs in 2008; Bob Kintzel (2007-2011) ,girls’ basketball state champs  in 2010; Roger Johanson (1996-2011), boys’  cross country state champs in 2005; Jeff Schwiebert (1982-2001), boys’ baseball state champs in 1997; Bob Meeker (1978-1993), girls’ state track c champs in 1985; Bob Landis (1967-1979), boys’  state  basketball champs in 1973; Bill Thomsen (1982-2011), dual wrestling state champs in 1988 and girls’ track champs in 2009 and 2010; Shirley Ryan (1972-2010), state volleyball champs in 1984, 2009, and 2010; and Jim Bellamy (1970-2006), state football champions in 1974, 1993, 1994 and boys’  track champs in 2004.






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