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Posted January 10, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Double trouble at West Delaware

Leslie and Bridget stand back-to-back outside their home. (Family photo)


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By Riley Cole, West Delaware junior

MANCHESTER – This past volleyball season was a unique one for two sisters at West Delaware.

Leslie Hoffman was a senior of the team, sister Bridget a freshman who made the varsity roster.

West Delaware qualified for the state tournament this year, making Leslie’s senior season of volleyball great. But having her sister right there with her made it even better.

“Qualifying for state was indescribable,” Leslie said. “It was even better because I got to share it with (Bridget) and give her something to strive for.”

Both agree that through volleyball and high school their relationship has gotten stronger.

The Hoffmann family pose at the volleyball awards banquet. From left, John (father), Leslie, Bridget and Lori (mother). (Family photo)

“We were already close,” Bridget said. “We have become closer to each other because of the car rides to school and we are with each other all day, every day.”

Bridget looks up to Leslie as one of her role models, especially for volleyball.

“Leslie helps me grow as a person and a player,” Bridget said.

Leslie enjoys helping Bridget become a better volleyball player.

“I always try to help Bridget with little things along the way that she could improve on,” Leslie said. “I never had someone to do that for me. I know what she is capable of.”

Bridget is thankful for Leslie being there to push her to be the best volleyball player that she can be.

“I wouldn’t have had someone to push me as hard as (Leslie) did,” Bridget said. “I wouldn’t have been as good at the end of the season if it wasn’t for her.”

Leslie said she has a special relationship with her younger sister.

“I really value our relationship,” Leslie said. “She’s there to back me up, joke around and vent with. I am glad we have a great connection with each other. Sometimes it’s an odd one.”

Bridget won’t forget the experience of playing with her sister as a freshman and going to state.

“It was a fun experience to spend my first year of high school volleyball with my sister,” Bridget said.

As with most siblings, they have many weird qualities that they share with each other.

“We would hear a song at practice and start dancing to it after we looked at each other,” Leslie said. “It was hilarious because the team would look at us like we are crazy sisters.”

The two also have a sense of “telepathy” with each other.

“We can usually be finishing each other’s sentences at random times,” Bridget said. “We also look at each other and start laughing and then we have no idea why we are laughing.”

This season is one that Leslie and Bridget won’t forget.

“Going to state and playing with Bridget made this year memorable,” Leslie said. “I think it made our bond stronger and made the year that much more enjoyable.”


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