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Posted January 2, 2013
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Does it ever stop?

Cedar Rapids Xavier quarterback Reggie Schulte. (Cliff Jette/The Gazette)

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By Grace Nesseth, Xavier sophomore

CEDAR RAPIDS – Senior Reggie Schulte of Xavier High School is a four-sport athlete, juggling homework, friends, family, faith and staying in shape all year round.

Starting in August, Schulte led the Saints to a 13-1 football season and to the state championship game in mid-November, where they lost to  the Ankeny Hawks, 23-17.

Now, Schulte is a large contributor to the Xavier boys’ basketball team, which is 5-2 going into Friday’s game at Cedar Rapids Washington.

Cedar Rapids Xavier's Reggie Schulte (right). (Liz Martin/The Gazette)

Schulte also participates in baseball and he was on the track team last spring.

“Usually I get a week off, but for some I have to go into the next one (season) in less time,” he said. “But it’s good to be busy.”

With everything Schulte has going on, he has to give up some things.

“Sometimes I have to sacrifice one (sport) in order to get better results in the other,” he said. “For the most part, it is go to practice, come home and try to do homework, and then hang out with friends on the weekend.”

In the summer, Schulte stays in shape by running. He does not follow a particular diet.

“I eat a lot of fruits, but I also enjoy junk food, which probably isn’t good,” Schulte said.

Junior Daniel Vega admires his friend and teammate.

“Reggie has great leadership skills and he works hard,” Vega said. “He is an all around good kid.”

Schulte takes what he does very seriously and wouldn’t trade any of it.  He  has no regrets.

“I just want to be the best and I don’t understand how people are OK with being mediocre,” he said. “I enjoy the feeling of success and knowing that hard work pays off.”

Schulte hopes to continue his love of football in college.

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