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Posted December 29, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Xavier’s Camacho a devoted coach, teacher

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By Haylee Burns, Xavier sophomore

CEDAR RAPIDS – Imagine how difficult life could be for a head coach. Now multiply that feeling by three.

At Xavier High School, one particularly devoted teacher and coach has been giving his time for 12 years – and three sports.

Russ Camacho has been teaching in the science department and coaching track and field for 12 years. He’s also spent the past 11 years coaching sophomore football and bowling.

On top of that, he maintains a family relationship at home.

“It is a lot of work,” Camacho said. “The most important thing to do is budget your time and realize that you can’t do everything everyday, but family has to be first in my life.”

Camacho attended Hubbard-Radcliffe High School and  participated on the football team and also ran track, where he was a three-year state qualifier. Xavier  was his first teaching and coaching job after college.

Being the head coach “is a lot of work. It also gives me a chance to interact with a lot of different students outside of the classroom,” Camacho said.

Camacho has no favorite among the bowling, football and track teams. He coaches one team with the same energy and enthusiasm as the others. He loves all three and said each has its own perks.

He does pick and choose when it comes to watching the sports, however.

“I love the athleticism by elite level track athletes,” he said. “Yet I enjoy watching the chess match between offense and defense in football.”

The sophomore football team finished the 2012 season at 8-1.

“They did very well and good enough for second in the division,” Camacho said. “I am also very happy with the bowling team this year. Our best scores so far were 2966 points for the boys’ team and 2503 points for the girls’ team.

“ I absolutely love this school! The students are amazing and I thank the Lord almost daily for giving me this opportunity.”


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