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Posted December 20, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Losing weight for wrestling has pros, cons

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By Abby Schmitt, Xavier sophomore

CEDAR RAPIDS – Like many wrestlers across the country, the Xavier High School wrestlers try to lose weight during the season by eating small amounts of food and drinking little water, which some call unhealthy.

The Saints have been practicing Monday through Friday since Nov. 12.

“The pros are that you have the same muscle mass and are going against a lighter and smaller guy so it’s easier, and the cons are that you are lighter so you get pushed around easier and also you have to eat less food,” sophomore wrestler Matt Bouska said.

According to www.pubmed.gov, three college wrestlers died in 1997 because of unhealthy weight loss. Because of these deaths, the NCAA set up more regulations and high school followed.

A Virginia study reported that 82 percent of wrestlers lose 5 to 10 pounds each week during the wrestling season.

“They’re hurting their bodies,” sophomore Emma Houser said when asked about wrestling weight loss. She was not in favor of the Xavier athletes trying to lose so much weight just to move down a weight class.

Some studies have shown a wrestler will have more success if they have a proper diet during the season, rather than unhealthy eating.

“Wrestlers lose weight so that they can move down a weight class and wrestle easier competition,” Bouska said.


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