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Posted December 19, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: ‘You get what you earn’

Xavier football coach Duane Schulte talks to his team in this file photo. Schulte is well known for telling athletes and students "you get what you earn." (The Gazette)

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By Daniel Vega, Xavier junior

CEDAR RAPIDS – Xavier High School football coach Duane Schulte preaches the messege, “You get what you earn!”

Student-athletes here have been hearing and using this phrase since 1998, even earlier at LaSalle High School where Schulte coached before Xavier opened.

“To me it means what it says,” Schulte said. “It simplifies everything. You get what you earn. If you want something, earn it. It will not be given to you.”

The phrase did not just come about over night.

“I got it from reading a book about Bill Parcells,” Schulte said. “Bill Parcells has other sayings, too, and I almost used one or two of them, but I like the fact that we have only one thing painted in our locker room. It makes things easy and simple for everyone.”

The phrase was used to help guide the Saints football team to a near perfect record. The Saints fell a game short in their quest for perfection, losing in the Class 4A state championship game to Ankeny, 23-17. The Saints used the phrase to get better each and every day, on and off the field.

“You have as much success in life as the amount of work you put in,” said Sean Ickes, a wrestler and a defensive back for the Saints football team.

“You get what you earn can be applied in the classroom as well,” junior linebacker Logan Clarahan said. “If someone wants a good grade in a class or on a test, that person will go out and get it. The grade will not just appear on the paper after the test.

“When students are struggling with school work or in life in general, they think of this phrase that Coach Schulte tells our teams and our fellow student-athletes.”

Varsity athletes are not the only students who apply it to their lives.

“It reminds me that if I want something, it’s up to me to do something about it, to go get,” sophomore Matt Downey said.

Schulte has used this saying for every student and athlete he has taught or coached. Student-athletes apply the saying in their everyday lives.

“You only get out what you put in. If you work hard, you can achieve anything,” said Miles Sullivan, a defensive back for the Saints’ football team said.

When it comes down to it, students at Xavier believe with hard work and determination, students can get what they earn in life and in athletics. Student-athletes at Xavier not only use this phrase in football, they use it in other sports at Xavier as well.

“I use it in baseball,” said Hunter Baldus, a pitcher and catcher for the Saints. “For baseball, if you do not work hard in the off season, you will never achieve your full potential.”

If students feel like they do not need to lift or study hard for an upcoming test, think of the saying “you get what you earn”   it may help students get going.

Getting a touchdown or receiving an A+ on a test does not just happen by itself.

“You get what you earn!”


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