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Posted December 18, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Hard work pays off for Clayton Ridge drill team

The Clayton Ridge drill teams poses with its trophies. (Candi Peterson photo/community contributor)

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By Noelle Hines, Clayton Ridge freshman

GUTTENBERG – “The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever”. – W.M. Tory.

The truth behind that statement is evident and there are many dancers to testify, especially among the Clayton Ridge Drill Team, which brought home two trophies from the annual Iowa State Drill Team Association competition recently.

The Clayton Ridge team performs at the state meet. (Candi Peterson photo/community contributor)

Having trained for exactly two months, the day of the competition had been greatly anticipated. After some early mornings, many late nights and a lot of hard work, the day the team had been waiting for finally arrived.

With adrenaline running high, the first time to take the floor approached quickly.

The day started off early for some, as early at 5 a.m. Between hair, make-up and getting dressed, the fast-paced morning flew by, and soon it was time for the team to take the floor. Scheduled for a prop performance at 9 a.m., the Clayton Ridge team took the floor shortly after with its heads held high, bright shining smiles on their faces and props in hand.

As soon as the routine had begun, it had ended. With thunderous applause from the energetic crowd and proud parents, the team exited the floor with energetic and euphoric smiles. They had truly given it their all.

The day wasn’t over just yet though.

Later that night, around 5 p.m., the team took the floor for a second time in the military division. This division is much more demanding and precise, and the girls had a special surprise for the judges. To really catch the judges’ attention, the girls wore hot pink gloves to visualize the routine. They didn’t disappoint. They gave a hard, strong, precise performance that would be rewarded later on.

After what seemed like hours of waiting for the closing ceremonies, the moment the team had worked so hard for was finally here.

The drill team competes in the military competition. (Submitted photo)

After many trophies had been handed out, the small school prop division was finally called. Many schools were called up to receive division one plaques for their exceptional performances. When it came time for placing, though, there were only three trophies to be given out among the Division One teams, and the girls were all shaking with anticipation. After two places had been given out, everyone trained their ears on the speaker in time to hear the joyous “Clayton Ridge!” being called out for first place.

As the team, coaches and mothers cheered, cried and hugged each other, the award ceremonies went on. Clayton Ridge also was awarded a tie for second place in military later on that night and celebrated again.

The Clayton Ridge Drill Team is coached by Julie Rastetter with assistant Sharon Keehner. The state team captains were Angela Blake and Briana Bailey. The regular team consists of 22 girls: Grace Noack, Alyssa Houser, Kara Winch, Sydney Froehle, Sydney Hines, Jada Schroeder, Molly Errthum, Katie Fassbinder, Emily Glawe, Lindsey Hawkins, Elly Schroeder, Hannah Anderegg, Leighton Aulwes, Christine Eulberg, Anna Kahle, Taylor Roehlk, Abby VonHandorf, Kelly Hawkins, Noelle Hines and Hailey Peterson.


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