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Posted December 11, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: Taking advantage of first season of wrestling at Bellevue

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By Cole Prichard, Bellevue senior

BELLEVUE  - I have been attending school in Bellevue for six years now, but this is the first year I’ve been able to wrestle.

I moved here from Burlington, Wis., and, while living in Wisconsin, one of the sports I loved was wrestling. I started when I was four- years-old and wrestled for two years. Motocross took over my life for the next two years, however, but my older brother was a wrestler and got me started again. One summer, I decided to go to a couple of tournaments with him and I started winning the tournaments.

When fifth grade rolled around, my parents decided they wanted to move to Iowa where my dad grew up. My dad knew of a small town that my mom would love. We packed up and moved to Bellevue, Iowa.

But Bellevue High School didn’t have a wrestling program. This really disappointed me because I loved the sport of wrestling.

Time flew by and now I’m a senior – and the wrestling program is back. I decided to take advantage of it.

Our season will consist mostly of junior varsity tournaments because this was our first year.  We will have a couple varsity duals and we will attend the  sectionals.

We have had two junior varsity tournaments and, as a team, we haven’t been doing very well. I have won both of the tournaments, however, and have had four pins in my five matches.

Everything  I learned when I was younger is coming back to me. I am picking up moves faster and learning a lot more. My expectations were to get two pins for the whole season and I already have met that goal.

We have another good wrestler on the team. Levi Berthel is a sophomore and has a record of 4-1, with four pins as well. This is Berthel’s first year of wrestling. By the time he is a senior, I think he will hopefully be a state qualifier.

This program could have a huge effect on the school’s sports. It could benefit football and baseball. Wrestling is one the hardest sports in high school. It takes a lot of work and dedication.

Our motto that our coach has us going off is “nobody is better, and nobody trains harder.” I truly believe in this. I push myself every time I get on the mat. In order to win, to be good and to be a state qualifier, you have to sacrifice time, your body and sweat.


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