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Posted November 29, 2012
HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISM: A crazy night for Midland junior varsity basketball

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By Bailey Strait, Midland junior

WYOMING  - With great struggles comes a big success.

That was the case for the Midland junior varsity boys’ basketball team on Tuesday.

In the third quarter, with just a minute to go, a foul put the Eagles at a disadvantage, leaving them with only four players against Clinton Prince of Peace game.

Midland, however,  kept work together, playing hard and had the crowd cheering.

Clinton tied the game late in the fourth quarter, putting it in overtime.

Midland continued to push with just four players and the crowd was going crazy.

But it got even worse when another Eagle fouled out.

Down to three players and minutes to spare, the Eagles were ahead, 42-39, when a POP player hit 3-pointer, putting the game in a second overtime.

The crowd was jittery and restless and the Eagles fought on … but too hard.

Another player fouled out, leaving Midland with two players.  The Eagle crowd cheered for the two left and, after a timeout, the adrenaline was pumping.

With the  student section roaring and the parents clapping, the two remaining players took the floor and won the game, 46-42.

Quite the night for the first game of the season.


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