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Posted June 7, 2012
Jarrod Uthoff Returns to Iowa, and He Has Every Right to

Cedar Rapids Jefferson's Jarrod Uthoff (left) goes up for a shot against Cedar Rapids Washington's Sean Bredl during the third quarter of their game at Washington High School on Friday, Dec. 17, 2010, in southeast Cedar Rapids. Washington won, 49-41. (Jim Slosiarek/SourceMedia Group News)

CEDAR RAPIDS – Former Cedar Rapids Jefferson Mr. Basketball Jarrod Uthoff will be a Hawkeye.  Despite Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan trying to restrict Uthoff from transferring to a Big 10 school, or contacting a Big 10 school, Uthoff will be a Hawkeye. 

I love it. 

When Uthoff first announced he was transferring from Wisconsin it was Ryan who created the firestorm, restricting Jarrod from talking to almost 30 schools.  Ridiculous.  No Badger fan can defend Ryan’s actions, or his stubborn, ‘all about me’ interview he did with Mike and Mike on ESPN.  Had Ryan only restricted Jarrod from Big 10 schools from the git-go there never would have been  such an uproar.  Coaches restricting players from transferring within the same conference is normal.  Ryan didn’t, he went above and beyond in terms of using his ‘power’ as a stubborn head coach to restrict Uthoff from seemingly ANY school he was interested in. 

Bo Ryan had no trouble accepting former Hawkeye recruit and commit Ben Brust 2 years ago to Wisconsin.  Big 10 rules were bent so Brust could get out of his Hawkeye commitment and go to Wisconsin.  Bo Ryan had no trouble walking out on UW-Milwaukee 2 years before his contract expired to coach the Badgers.  Karma.  What goes around…

I know Jarrod.  I covered him for 4 years at Jefferson high school.  I’ve done stories on him and kept in contact with him throughout the transfer process.  He is a soft spoken, smart, humble kid.  All he ever wanted was to find a place to play basketball that was comfortable to him.  He thought that place was Wisconsin, it wasn’t.  He wants to play closer to home.  He wants to play for a program that gets up and down the floor and plays fast.  Wisconsin was not that place.  Iowa is.  Uthoff will fit perfectly in to Fran McCaffery’s system.  He’s a ‘hybrid’ 3-4 player that Fran loves.  Long, skilled, can go inside or out. 

Jarrod Uthoff will pay his way at Iowa for 1 year before going on scholarship in 2013.  That right there tells you how much he wanted out of Wisconsin and how much he wanted to be a Hawkeye.  Kudos to Jarrod for sticking it out and not letting Bo Ryan intimidate him in to transferring to a school he didn’t want to.  Fran and Bo are not the best of friends, fact.  This adds more fuel to the fire.  The Iowa-Wisconsin game just got amp’d up another notch, which is great for college basketball and the Big 10. 

I love it.

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