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Posted October 17, 2011
What are your favorite MVC football games of all time?

Cedar Rapids Kennedy's David Hynek (52, left) leaps to tackle Cedar Rapids Jefferson's Austin Short (23) in the first half of their game on Friday, Sept. 30, 2011, in Cedar Rapids. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

OK, fans. What sticks out?

Friday is most likely the final time Mississippi Valley Conference football games ever will be played. The MVC Farewell Tour actually begins Thursday night when Waterloo West plays Cedar Rapids Washington at Kingston Stadium, then concludes with six games Friday night.

We’re asking you what MVC games over the years are your most memorable? Do you have one or two … or 10?

Let us know!

We’re racking our brains to come up with individual lists of our own that we’ll share with you later this week. Don’t recall a lot of the specifics, but I remember going out to a nearly sold-out Kingston Stadium when I was a kid in the 1970s and watching some Cedar Rapids Kennedy-Cedar Rapids Washington thrillers that were exquisite games.

Back in the day, schools like Clinton and Muscatine were in the MVC. Heck, Illinois schools Rock Island and Moline used to be Valley schools.

What games come to your mind?




20 Responses to What are your favorite MVC football games of all time?

  1. I’ve followed Xavier a lot over the past six years, so my picks are all in that time frame.
    Two tremendous Xavier-City High games in 2009 (Xavier led early, City came back, Xavier tied it in the last 2 minutes, then City ran the kickoff back all the way) and 2010 (back and forth game, Xavier took the lead in the final minute or so, City drove the length of the field to kick the winning field goal with seconds on the clock).
    The City-Cedar Falls playoff game last year was a classic. Likewise, Xavier’s unexpected playoff win (27-3, no less!) over the AJ Derby-led Little Hawks in 2008.
    The Linn-Mar/Washington game last year was outstanding.
    Kennedy-Xavier in 2008, when the Saints blocked a Tyler Sievertsen field goal try and returned it for a touchdown and the lead.
    Xavier’s domination of Linn-Mar in the 2009 playoffs, particularly after Linn-Mar had beaten the Saints for the first time ever earlier that season.
    Some of my favorite games over the past five years or so.

  2. 1995 City High vs Linn Mar in the regular season. I don’t even remember who won I just remember it was down to the wire and extremely well played and hard hitting.

    • I kind of remember that game, City High scored with less than a minute to go in the game to take the lead and then Linn-Mar drove down the field quick a kicked the game winning field goal.
      P.S. City High played Linn-Mar in the state championship game and City High won like 21-0..

  3. Fresh in my mind is the incredible finish between CR Wash and Iowa City City High just 3 weeks ago. Braedon Tovey throws a touchdown pass with ten seconds left to lift the Warriors and stop a 33 game MVC winning streak. Does it get any more dramatic than this?

  4. the xavier city high game with the “inadvertent whistle” that no one heard

  5. 2001 at CR Prairie and a packed house, the Prairie Hawks took down the IC West Trojans and their unbeaten streak and followed up in the season where the “Kolach Bowl” was a close one against CR Jefferson. 4 AMAZING teams in the top 5 in the conference that year (Cedar Falls, IC High, CR Jefferson, & CR Prairie)…too bad they had to play each other right away – possibly one nice thing about districts

  6. Fall of 1966. Jefferson’s Larry Lawrence engineers a last minute drive to top Davenport Central in a game that resulted in the J-Hawks being named the mythical state champion. I don’t remember the score (I was only 10 years old). Jefferson went on to win the boys’ state bkb championship in March. Glory days for the Columbia Blue & White. Long forgotten. And, yes, Central was in the MVC at the time.

  7. How about the final game in metro history for CR Regis? Coming back from 21 down in the 4th quarter at Armstrong Field??? Wild finish and a great lasting memory for Royals fans.

  8. Xavier-City High in 2010 was the best I’ve ever seen! I would take that game over going to see the NFL any day of the week! Wow!

  9. Someone should interview Bob Brooks to get his top five MVC games! It would be interesting reading to get his insight and his thoughts over the years he spend from watching from the booth at Kingston.

  10. Kennedy at Xavier last year in the playoffs

  11. 1994 was the year City and Linn-Mar played in the state finals.

  12. How about the CR Wash/IC West playoff game a few years back, Greg Coleman’s senior year I think. Wash had a multiple score lead with a couple of minutes left at Kingston. I left the game early and West came back to win.

  13. Lots of City/West games over the years. The best was probably the 1996 playoff game where City upset undefeated West on a late KO return for a TD. This was during the timeframe when the Iowa City schools won the 1993-96 and 98-99 state titles. City lost in the finals that year to Ankeny, but clearly West was the best team in the state and if not for that upset, Iowa City teams would have won 7 consecutive state titles.

  14. Another game that sticks, at least in terms of significance, was the 1995 regular season game between City and West. This was arguably the most anticipated regular season Valley game of the last 25 years. The teams were ranked #1 and #2. This was was also the first Valley football game ever to be televised. A common occurrence now but a huge deal back then. Think it was on KCRG. T-shirts were made up and sold in anticipation of the titanic struggle. City had won the previous two state titles and West was just beginning their resurgence under Reese Morgan. I bet they hadn’t beaten City since Burmeister’s senior year in 1987. West won 14-0 in a very sloppy, rain-soaked game at Bates Field, and went onto win their first state championship making it 3 years in a row for the Iowa City schools.

  15. The City/West regular season game in 1995 was probably the most anticipated Valley game of the last 25 years. The teams were ranked #1 and #2. T-shirst were made and sold. It was likely the first ever Valley game to be televised. A common occurrence today but a HUGE deal back then. I think it was on KCRG. Not 9.2 or some other digital channel in the 100s, but actual real broadcast TV back when the full cable package got you maybe 35 channels. City was the defending back-to-back state champions and West hadn’t beaten them since Paul Burmeiser’s senior year in 1987. The actual game itself wasn’t much to speak of as it rained all day and all night, leaving the field more or less a mud pit. West won 14-0 at Bates field and went on to win their first ever state championship and the 3rd in a row overall for the Iowa City schools.

  16. Our favorite football game was Cedar Rapids Prairie VS Linn Mar 1987. Our son was playing on that team and they beat Linn Mar on their home field to win the conference title. I thought Coach Johnson called the team the “Dirty 30″.

  17. kennedy vs. xavier last year in the playoffs 11-7

  18. The headline reads “favorite game”, but the article requests “most memorable”. So I’m going with August 30, 2007 Linn-Mar at Jefferson. Jefferson won 14-12 and Grant Mahoney missed an extra point and 3 field goals. A pick 6 in the first quarter put Jefferson up 7-0. The Lions proceeded to rush for over 280 yards, but only 2 TD’s and no extra points. This was the first game of the 2007 season after the Lions went 0-9 in 2006. Not sure how other Lion Fans remember it, but it is certainly hard to forget. The most thrilling in the past 5 years for me has to be last year’s Wash game. Down 21, then leading at halftime only to fall behind again. Then scoring the “winning” TD only to miss the extra point and send it into OT. Followed closely by the 2009 LM-Wash game.

  19. LionFan, I can’t argue with your picks. I would add one more recent LM/Wash game to the mix: 56-55 double overtime thriller in 2004. LM stops Travis Rhone inches short of the goal line on a two point conversion attempt to win the game.

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