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Posted March 4, 2011
West owns overtime, sends Linn-Mar to the 4A sideline

Iowa City West players celebrate their 65-58 overtime win over Linn-Mar in a Class 4A semifinal at the girls' state basketball tournament Friday at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. The Women of Troy play Des Moines East for the championship at 8 p.m. Saturday. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

DES MOINES — When Kiah Stokes hit the shot to force overtime, B.J. Mayer saw doubt in his players’ eyes.

“There was fear there,” he said. “I just told them that big-time players make big-time plays. Big-time teams make them too.”

And Iowa City West made them in overtime.

Third-ranked West scored the final nine points of the extra session and took down No. 2 Linn-Mar, 65-58, in a Class 4A semifinal at the girls’ state basketball tournament Friday afternoon at Wells Fargo Arena.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” said sophomore Ally Disterhoft. “It’s our first time (at state), and we didn’t want it to stop here.”

West (23-2) will play No. 1 Des Moines East (25-0) for the championship at 8 p.m. Saturday. The Scarlets defeated No. 5 Southeast Polk, 50-44.

Linn-Mar, the 2010 champion, retired at 22-3.

Linn-Mar's Kiah Stokes reacts after the Lions lose to Iowa City West in a Class 4A semifinal. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

The Lions got new life when Stokes hit her only 3-pointer of the season, on a set play from the top of the key at the end of regulation that tied the game at 56-all.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,” said the University of Connecticut signee. “I put it up and put a wish with it. I knew it had a chance.”

Kailee Karr’s scoring drive put the Lions ahead 58-56 with 2:35 left in overtime, but the rest of the game belonged to West.

The play of the game came at the 2:19 mark, when Shelly Stumpff scored to tie the game and drew a foul from Stokes, her fifth.

“When that happened, there was a little spark in my thoughts,” said West’s Tatum Klein. “I was really happy, but I knew we still had to play hard to win.”

Stumpff missed the free throw, but the Women of Troy rebounded, and Shahana Williams scored on a short jumper to put West up for good with 1:45 left, 60-58.

West scored its final five points from the free throw line — two from Jessica Shull, two from Stumpff and one from Mckenzie Piper.

Big-time team. Big-time plays.

West prevailed despite 22 points, 18 rebounds and five blocks by Stokes. The Women of Troy harassed her enough that she missed eight of 15 shots from the field.

Linn-Mar dominated early, jetting to an 18-4 lead in just over 6 minutes. Then West seized momentum behind a barrage of 3-pointers.  A triply by Brianna Sturtz got the Women of Troy even at 26-all, and they had a 32-26 lead by halftime.

“We got down early, but we kept pushing,” Disterhoft said. “We gave up some easy looks to Kiah early, but then we locked up our defense and started hitting shots.”

Stokes said, “They made 3-pointers when they had to. We just couldn’t stop them and couldn’t defend it.”

Linn-Mar took a 41-36 lead midway through the third quarter, then Klein scored seven straight West points to tie the game at 43-43. It was back and forth the rest of the way.

Piper’s 3-pointer put West in front, 54-53, with 50 seconds left, and it was 56-53 before Stokes drilled the game-tying shot with 3 seconds left in regulation, a 20-footer with little arch and all net.

Disterhoft led the Women of Troy with 17 points. Klein came off the bench to score 12, and Piper tallied 10.

Karr added 12 for the Lions; Mykaela Brandt registered 11.

Starters Stokes, Karr and Jenna Eells are part of a senior class that went to state four times and registered a four-year mark of 94-7.

“I don’t want to grasp that it’s over,” Eells said. “A lot of people didn’t think we’d get back and get this far, but we busted our butts to do it.”


IOWA CITY WEST (65): Ally Disterhoft 5-8 6-8 17, Brianna Sturtz 1-3 0-0 3, Shelly Stumpff 3-9 3-5 9, Jessica Shull 2-3 2-2 7, Mckenzie Piper 4-14 1-2 10, Shahana Williams 1-2 1-2 3, Tatum Klein 4-8 3-4 12, Paige Yoder 2-6 0-0 4. Totals 22-53 16-23 65.

LINN-MAR (58): Mykaela Brandt 5-11 0-0 11, Rachel Thrune 2-8 0-0 4, Kailee Karr 5-11 0-0 12, Jenna Eells 2-5 0-0 5, Kiah Stokes 7-15 7-10 22, Leandra Martins 0-0 0-0 0, Shanice Cheatham 2-7 0-0 4, Courtney Major 0-3 0-1 0. Totals 23-60 7-11 58.

Halftime: West 32, Linn-Mar 28. End of regulation: 56-56. 3-point goals: West 5-12 (Disterhoft 1-1, Sturtz 1-2, Stumpff 0-2, Shull 1-1, Piper 1-4, Klein 1-1, Yoder 0-1), Linn-Mar 5-14 (Brandt 1-2, Karr 2-4, Eells 1-4, Stokes 1-2, Major 0-2). Team fouls: West 11, Linn-Mar 19. Fouled out: Stokes, Brandt. Rebounds: West 35 (Stumpff, Piper 9), Linn-Mar 41 (Stokes 18). Assists: West 11 (Sturtz, Shull 3), Linn-Mar 7 (Karr 4). Steals: West 10 (Klein 3), Linn-Mar 5 (Major 2). Turnovers: West 12, Linn-Mar 17.

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Postgame interview with Linn-Mar’s Kiah Stokes:

Postgame interview with Iowa City West’s Ally Disterhoft:

Postgame interview with Iowa City West’s Mckenzie Piper:

Postgame interview with Iowa City West’s Tatum Klein:

26 Responses to West owns overtime, sends Linn-Mar to the 4A sideline

  1. Congratulations to West and a big pat on the back to the Lady Lions on a great season so far!

    Unfortunately, this loss goes on the coaches back for not building the confidence of his bench. One player does not make a team as was demonstrated today, but can bring up or down an entire team. This season has been a disappointment from the standpoint of building around Kiah. While she is a superstar, she should not have been on the floor in many of the major blowouts this season. All having her on the floor did was prove to the other ladies that the coach did not have enough confidence in thier abilities. When the time came for other players to step up and take the lead, the did not have the ability to do so. This was demonstrated in 2 of the 3 losses this year. Without Kiah, the girls heads and shoulders dropped as well as thier game.

    You ladies should be proud of what you have done so far! The fans have confidence in you, but it is shame that the coach did not during the season when everyone of you practiced so hard!

    Go out Saturday, have fun and win that last game of the season!!!

  2. Well first round the no call was wrong but in favor of LM. This time the call on Kiah’s 5th foul was wrong but it was against the Lions. Can’t wait for the day when refs are removed and replaced with computers that never get anything wrong lol.

  3. Hey northside… You assume you are right on both calls. I used to ref and I found out there were usually 1200 idiots that sat in the stands and did not have the guts to get out infront of everyone and do what I did.

    In any given game there are 150-200 no calls that I made. If I called every foul people would say let thme play and complain because games lasted so long.

  4. buddaggit used to be a ref but he missed too many calls. Thats why he is a used to be ref!!!!!!!!!!

  5. were u at the games? they were pretty obvious. They were both wrong. First game was an obvious foul(and that’s coming from a LM fan) but the one called today was god awful. I never said that every foul should be called? Idk how you drew that conclusion? and i umpire over the summers so i do know what it’s like to have the guts to make the calls.

  6. Hey northside I was at the games. Courtside at that. I reviewed the films. Get over it. I am glad you umpire. Just remember to take the Tee off home plate in time…..

  7. So you’re telling me that you were over seeing the officiating of both games and you are out on message boards defending the calls. I don’t believe that one bit. Did you not notice the LOL in my first comment? that means Laugh Out Loud in case you were wondering as in i was joking and it’s not that big of a deal mainly because it is only women’s basketball and the winner of the game is doomed to get smacked by East anyway. and it’s actually 9-13 year olds ik thats not exactly big time but some parents and coaches freakout every once in a while.

  8. On the play in which Kiah fouled out the ICW player shot the ball, did not hit the rim and caught the ball on the other side of the basket. Isn’t that traveling?

  9. Buddaggit-
    I have the guts to do what you did, but do it right. 150 to 200 no calls on any given night, that is a bit excessive and insecure. If it is a foul, call it, if it isnt, move on. You are part of the problem. If you are going to officiate again (hopefully not), please open up the rule book and read it… then follow it. If a defensive player is straight up (LM Kiah Stokes) and the offensive player (West player) initiates the contact, it is either an offensive foul or a no call. Not a foul as in this case. If an offensive player (LM Mykaela Brandt) is shoved in the back by a defensive player (West player) without an effort to go for the ball, it is an intentional foul (2 shots and the ball out). Too much power for officials that misuse it as shown this week at state. Sick to my stomach and embarrassed, at the moment, to even admit to being a certified official. Taking nothing from West, they played a good game. Have a great evening.

  10. ^ Thank YOU!!!!!

  11. And if you had such great seats for the game then what exactly did Kiah do to warrant that 5th foul?

  12. Both you guys need to chill. It does not matter what we think. The guys that worked that game were selected because the coaches and tournament adminstration had confidence in them. They were hired to make judgement calls. Just because you do not agree does not make you or them correct.

    On another subject, Do you want to watch computers play as well. Then nothing would be missed including free throws, field goals, passes, fouls, and whatever. We watch because we do not know the outcomes. Missed shots, turnovers, and officating call are all part of the drama that we want to watch because the outcome is in the balance.

  13. Ok ill go ahead and do what you fools should be doing. Congratulating the winning team! Go West!

  14. No of course not. I just hate that officals have had such a huge imapact over these games; they need to get it right.

  15. Concerned official is obviously a Linn Mar Fan. So your comments are meaningless. I am a retired official that did college ball for 21 years and MVC football for 12 years. Basketball is just like football. You can toss your flag or call a foul on every exchange if you wanted too. Your comment and observation is correct in regards to Kia. That would be fouls both ways and your are correct with your interpretations of the rules. Maybe your judgement is incorrect… maybe not…

    I am sick of know it alls coming on here and talking about how officials are the ones that determine games. In some cases they have impacts on the flow of games but it is still the players that commit fouls, turnovers and miss the shots that lose games.

    Fans are always the best officials when they are sitting 30-50 feet away in the stands and the official is at his worst when they are 5 feet away with 50 games per year under thier belt and a great knowledge of the rules…lol

  16. She literally stood there straight up and down knowing she had 4 fouls and was still called for a foul. It doesn’t make sense.

  17. Buddagit-Thank you for retiring, one less “poor” official. I am a fan of good teams and good officiating. My comments are meaningless to you because I am correct. The officials that officiate at state are what you would call “the lesser of two evils”. Open up the rule book, call a foul if it is a foul, don’t call a foul if it isnt. Too many officials are scared to do this. If they did, the girls (boys) could play the games and the best teams would win.

  18. Again Linn Mar Fan…..BooWho you lost….resort to name calling because your points are lacking…..I am outta here….my smart phone wont display dumb comments….

  19. I dont believe you…there is no way you have a “smart” phone.

  20. Hey buddaggit:
    Your smart phone should have told you it’s Boo Hoo NOT Boo Who.

  21. well at least that explains why you don’t realize how stupid you are.. it’s because you “smart phone” won’t tell you.

  22. Sorry meant to type Boohoo. Like all officials my eye site is not 20/20.

    Dang northside your comments must be compensation for something you lack. Let me see I have a great job, nice cars, live in a nice house, and married for 22 years oh yea and money…hey just one reqest guys dont oversalt my fries or drop my pizza when you bring them to me. My house is the big one with 5 bedrooms…..lol

  23. on a refs salary? good joke

  24. and i’m currently sitting in a 5 bedroom home right now my family has 6 cars and 14 Tvs lol.. don’t forget i go to the LM we don’t fuck around when it comes to money

  25. Either does Hedge fund Managers. Im outta this one….Enjoy mom and dads money…lol

  26. ok i will bro.. i’ll enjoy my full ride to georgetown too

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