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Posted March 2, 2011
Stokes delivers late; Lions escape Ankeny

DES MOINES — There was contact, Kiah Stokes conceded.

But contact doesn’t always translate into a foul. It didn’t in the final seconds Wednesday, and Linn-Mar survived.

Stokes scored on a frantic, coast-to-coast drive with 20 seconds left, then blocked away Maddie Manning’s last hope as second-ranked Linn-Mar edged No. 10 Ankeny, 48-47, in a Class 4A quarterfinal at the girls’ state basketball tournament at Wells Fargo Arena.

“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do when you’ve got to do it,” Stokes said.

Down a point with 30 seconds left, the Lions needed a basket. Stokes provided it.

Then they needed a stop. And Stokes supplied that.

Manning missed three shots in the final seconds. Her 15-footer clanked off the back of the rim. She got the rebound, then missed a shorter shot.

After the ball was jostled around, Manning had possession under the hoop with one final chance. Stokes snuffed it.

Yes, there was contact.

“They could have called a foul,” Stokes said. “But they could have called a foul a lot of times today.”

Manning’s opinion?

“It sounds like an excuse, but there was a lot of contact,” she said. “My whole body. She took out my legs and shoulders.”

And how about Ankeny Coach Scott DeJong?

Ankeny's Cameron Smith (21) and Brittany Hedrick (33) try to block Rachel Thrune of Linn-Mar during a first-round Class 4A game at the girls' state basketball tournament Wednesday. Linn-Mar prevailed, 48-47. (Cliff Jette/SourceMedia Group)

“I’d be wise not to say anything,” he said. “No comment.”

Stokes’ block went off Manning and out of bounds with 0.5 seconds left. Linn-Mar inbounded without incident as the horn sounded.

Ankeny fans booed lustily as the players and officials left the floor.

Regardless, Linn-Mar (22-2) meets No. 3 Iowa City West in a semifinal at noon Friday. The Women of Troy (22-2) downed No. 6 Cedar Rapids Washington, 67-58, Wednesday.

The defending champions survived though Stokes was a subpar 8 of 18 from the field in an 18-point, 11 rebound performance. The Lions got solid production from reserves Shanice Cheatham and Courtney Major (16 points between them) and nine points from Jenna Eells.

And when Stokes absolutely, positively needed to come through, she did.

Manning’s three-point play gave Ankeny (20-4) its first lead of the fourth quarter at 47-46 with 30 seconds to go. Stokes took the inbounds pass 75 feet from the basket and took off like a 6-foot-3 point guard down the sideline.

“She can do that; you just don’t see it often in a game,” Eells said. “She got going and I just thought, ‘Go, Kiah.’ ”

She did. Stokes didn’t stop until the was under the basket, then scored in traffic.

Linn-Mar scored 10 straight points to take a 34-28 lead late in the third quarter, but Ankeny chipped away and got even at 44-44 on Krista Pettepier’s basket with 1:50 left.

Manning led the Hawkettes with 16 points. Shayla Starkenburg added 13.

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ANKENY (47): Madi Robson 2-4 0-0 6, Maddie Manning 7-21 2-3 16, Shayla Starkenburg 6-9 1-2 13, Maddie Muhlenbruck 2-5 0-0 6, Krista Pettepier 3-14 0-0 6, Cameron Smith 0-0 0-0 0, Brittany Hedrick 0-4 0-0 0. Totals 20-57 3-5 47.

LINN-MAR (48): Mykaela Brandt 0-1 0-0 0, Rachel Thrune 0-0 2-2 2, Kailee Karr 1-4 1-2 3, Jenna Eells 2-2 4-4 9, Kiah Stokes 8-18 2-5 18, Shanice Cheatham 3-7 3-4 9, Courtney Major 3-4 1-2 7. Totals 17-36 13-19 48.

Halftime: Linn-Mar 22, Ankeny 20. 3-point goals: Ankeny 4-6 (Robson 2-2, Manning 0-2, Muhlenbruck 2-2), Linn-Mar 1-3 (Karr 0-1, Eells 1-1, Stokes 0-1). Team fouls: Ankeny 18, Linn-Mar 8. Fouled out: none. Rebounds: Ankeny 25 (Manning 6), Linn-Mar 34 (Stokes 11). Assists: Ankeny 14 (Manning 6), Linn-Mar 9 (Brandt 2). Steals: Ankeny 8 (Manning 3), Linn-Mar 3 (Karr 2). Turnovers: Ankeny 7, Linn-Mar 18.

17 Responses to Stokes delivers late; Lions escape Ankeny

  1. they also could have called that block foul on Kiah that gave Ankeny the lead a charge.

  2. I didnt see the last play. Did Kiah take out her legs and shoulders?

  3. I was on the other end of the court.. and there was alot of pushing and shoving for the ball and then the ball just got thrown up towards the hoop.

  4. First off, as an official myself, this was a horrible job today by the 3 officials in charge. All game long, and I do mean all game, girls were called for traveling (atleast 4 times) after being shoved to the floor by the opposing team. Star Kiah Stokes was “hammered” when putting up shots in the paint and no call. I could not believe that these were the best officials they could get for such an important game. We really need to take a look at the officials set up for the tournament as this was not the first time I have seen such poor performances from state officials. Just to be clear, LM was robbed on many poor calls, as nuetral bystanders commented during and after the game, not just LM fans. And to the losing coach Scott Dejong?? You would be wise to watch the tape and see how many calls you actually got away with during the course of the game. Your remarks after the loss were very unprofessional and a bit childish for a man of your age. Play through any bad calls you felt you were dealt…Linn-Mar did.

  5. I think that Stokes fouled Manning at the end of the game. No doubt about that. I also, however, believe that a charge should have been called on Manning instead of a block on Stokes and that there were numerous times when a foul should have been called on Ankeny during the game while defending Stokes.

  6. Good job Linn-Mar!!Way to hang in there.We’re proud of you.

    ………………………………………………..Jim & Sherry

  7. Hey Concerned Official:
    I agree with your comments. Could you go over to the Des Moines Register and repeat your comments there.

    Go Lions!!!! Great job today girls.

  8. I think it’s one thing to lose with class…I also think, for some, it’s harder to win with class. It was an emotional game. With that being said it’s hard to criticize a coach for backing his team. No unprofessional and childish comments here…just win with class folks!

  9. Big deal. It is girls high school basketball. Tons of travelling, lots of turnovers, poor shooting, low scoring games. Boys are not much better. I think the general state of basketball at all levels is just not what it used to be.

  10. Dear Concerned Official,
    Linn-Mar was only “professional” because they won the game. Try being composed after losing a very close game

  11. Congrats to Ankeny on a good season. Congrats to Linn-Mar for moving on and good luck to them on Friday.

  12. @Yawn:
    This is the best that basketball has ever been in the metro, and maybe the state. Boys and girls. I can’t remember any year where we had as many D1 kids.

    I hope I didn’t feed the troll.

  13. I go every year to watch the 4-A state games no matter who is playing. Of course it’s always harder to lose than win. I appreciate what HerkytheOne and Fan said. Any coach will back their team. It’s always emotional after a close game. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge any coach or player for one comment made in these situations. Sometimes I too am concerned about the quality of refering during some of the games. But officials are part of the game that players need to adjust to. As long as the refs are consistant the players sort of know what to expect. However, when a game is called one way throughout the entire game and then abruptly changes right at the end, it’s hard to justify sometimes. The refs are still required to do their jobs until the very end or maybe they should tell the girls they won’t be blowing their whistles the last 10 seconds so they all know what to expect. There are always more fouls that can be called on both sides but consistancy is the key. Obviously Conderened Official didn’t look at the box scores showing Linn-Mar only 8 game fouls and Ankeny 18. Ankeny never made it to the one-on-one either half. Linn-Mar shot 19 freethrows to Ankey’s 5. Linn-Mar wasn’t robbed. I didn’t see the hammering on Kiah you speak of. Like she was quoted, contact doesn’t always translate into a foul. I do feel that Ankeny should have been awarded the chance to shoot freethrows after the last play considering that foul would have been called at any other point in the game and the lop-sidedness of the total game fouls. AND Yawn, you’re out of line. Don’t belittle something just because YOU don’t enjoy it. Your opinion was harsh and not constructive in anyway. It’s obvious many others share another perspective on girl’s basketball!

  14. Kiah was hammered all game. The officiating didn’t suddenly change they let alot of physical play slide.

  15. MaryAnkeny-I am not sure how sour grapes taste, but I am sure you and your coach could tell me. It is funny how you mention ” However, when a game is called one way throughout the entire game and then abruptly changes right at the end, it’s hard to justify sometimes. The refs are still required to do their jobs until the very end or maybe they should tell the girls they won’t be blowing their whistles the last 10 seconds so they all know what to expect.” If you were actually watching the game as you said, the officials DIDNT blow the whistle on calls that should have been fouls, this was clear throughout the game. Officials are not out there to “even” out fouls between teams. If you foul more, you will have more fouls, as Ankeny did. To be honest, they should have had about 10 more on that tally of 18. Linn-Mar clearly has a coach that teaches discipline on defense. For the past 4 years (and probably longer)Linn-Mar has been known for NOT fouling as often, just playing good sound defense and working together as a team. I watched the last play over and over again as an official, and Kiah was straight up, had a clean block, the only contact was the Ankeny girl, initiating it into Kiah. That my dear, if anything, is an offensive foul. I am not on hear to sugar coat, I tell it how it is. That was a very good “no call” from the fouls they had let go throughout the game. So you are right on what point, it would not have been right to change things in the last 10 seconds of the game. Not only did the coach from Ankeny show no class, after the game, when Linn-Mar was recognized for winning, the whole Ankeny crowd boo-ed. That equals no class. It also means no game on Friday for Ankeny. Mary Ankeny, please know what your talking about before you question me. Enjoy the games on Friday and Saturday.

  16. Concerned Official-Everyone has their opinion and I heard plenty comments after the game reflecting my view including the same from a Des Moines coach sitting behind me, saying the refs stopped officiating the last ten seconds of the game. Ankeny is not the only team to ever question a last second call. It was simply two good teams battling it out till the end and both hopping for the best calls possible. I never said officials were there to even out a game. I said that more fouls could have been called on BOTH sides which is fair. What I’m talking about does happen from time to time. This is just my opinion. It doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to yours. What you have said is only YOUR opinion which doesn’t make you necessarily right either. They’re just opinions although you sound as if your opinions shouldn’t be questioned. You say you tell it like it is instead of saying you tell it like you see it. I at least seem to be more objective in my viewpoint than you just telling people to know what they are talking about before they question you. As an official, I’m sure you have had some of your calls questioned before although you seem to have a lot of trouble with this. And thank you, I did enjoy my Friday games and my Saturday games because like I said, I go to all the 4-A games every year no matter who is playing because I enjoy watching ALL the girls play simply for the good competition between good teams.

  17. I will leave with this. Officials have way too much power in deciding games or changing momentum of games due to a call made by them. Officials need to open up the rules book and follow it. This would solve a lot of the problems on the court. For instance, if a defensive player is straight up, and contact occurs due to the offensive player initiating that contact, it is not a foul. If a defensive player comes up behind an offensive player who has the ball and pushes her with her forearms in the back, this is an intential foul (2 shots and the ball). The officiating was better today, only because it couldnt get any worse than Wednesday. But we as officials are not following the rules, and need to. Enjoy your Saturday games.

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