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Posted October 8, 2010
Linn-Mar tops Washington in overtime thriller

Cedar Rapids Washington's Alex Carr runs during the first half of the Warriors' game against Linn-Mar at Linn-Mar on Friday, Oct. 8, 2010, in Marion. (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette)

Everyone expected a hard fought, exciting and memorable football battle when Linn-Mar hosted Cedar Rapids Washington.

That’s exactly what the Warriors and Lions delivered.

In a wild, seesaw affair, the sixth-ranked Lions won a thriller over No. 10 Washington, forcing and recovering a Warrior fumble on the goalline in the first overtime for a 42-35 victory in a Mississippi Valley Conference battle at Armstrong Field.

Washington faced a 1st-and-5 after a Linn-Mar encroachment penalty to start the Warriors first possession in overtime. As Washington running back fought for the score the ball came out and Brandon Allen grabbed possession of the ball, ending the game and keeping the Lions unbeaten at 7-0.

The Lions needed just two plays to take the lead after regulation. Atwater hit Garman for a 5-yard pass, setting up Garman’s 5-yard TD run around the right end, giving the Lions the decisive lead. It also pushed the senior over the 4,000-yard mark for his career, giving him 4,038 rushing yards in three seasons.

Linn-Mar forced overtime when quarterback Mark Atwater forced overtime with beautiful 16-yard touchdown strike to Aaron Hunter, tying it at 35. Atwater rolled right and threw on the run, leading Hunter to the end zone.

Atwater was impressive in the game, completing 13-of-19 passes for 189 yards and four TDs. He even added a 1-yard TD run.

The Lions defense was key in the game, shutting Washington out in the second quarter and forcing three fumbles for turnovers.

The action was fast and furious in the first half with the teams alternating momentum. Washington struck quickly, taking an advantage on a 77-yard, 6-play drive that was capped by Alex Carr running behind the offensive line’s surge for a 3-yard touchdown run.

After holding the Lions to a 3-and-out, brandon besong caught a Linn-Mar punt on the Warriors 22, sprinted up the sideline and made a strong cut left to the center of the field for a 78-yard punt return to make it 14-0 less than five minutes in the game.

That lead grew to 21-0 when Carr sprinted to the corner of the end zone from 12 yards out on the fifth play of the next possession.

The Lions had enough and gained control, clawing back to own a 22-21 lead at the half. After giving up the third TD, Lions returned to the kickoff to the Washington 37. Atwater hit Josh Montague on a nice play-action pass from 15 yards out to make it 21-7 in the first. Garman set up the score with two runs, including a 22-yard rush.

Linn-Mar’s defense came up big, shutting down the Warriors, containing Carr and capitalizing on some Warriors miscues. A fumbled snap on a punt gave Linn-Mar the ball on the Washington 30. Six plays later Atwater plunged in on a QB sneak to pull within 21-13 when the PAT was blocked.

The lead shrunk to 21-16 when Michael Zimmerman kicked a 30-yard field goal after the Lions forced a Carr fumble and recovered at their own 45. Then Atwater struck again, hitting Josh Montague on a 41-yard TD strike on a 3-and-10. The score put Linn-Mar up with 1:29 to go in the second quarter.

Washington found its way back to the end zone in the third when Carr helped the Warriors regain the lead on a 6-yard run up the middle, diving for the goalline with the ball stretched out.

Atwater answered on the first play of the fourth quarter, hitting Montague again on a 38-yard TD to put the Lions up 29-28. Montague had 102 yards receiving on three catches.

Carr came through again with the Warriors down on a similar play, but scoring from 10 yards out. Washington led 35-29 with 4:10 in regulation.

Carr’s effort didn’t result in a win. He won the battle between the two star backs, however, rushing for 289 yards and four TDs. Garman 64 yards rushing and 18 receiving.

It was the second straight loss for the Warriors, who drop to 5-2.

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87 Responses to Linn-Mar tops Washington in overtime thriller

  1. It was for probably for some people involved in a fight, maybe students, maybe parents

  2. They’re are always cops at games. But trust me there was definetly no shooting. If there was anyone who was around would have gone screaming and everyone would go running away. And if there’s ever a possibility of a gun on a linn Mar campus the whole campus goes on lockdown. They would have postponed the game.

  3. A girl broke her leg..

  4. Pretty big rumor just for somebody breaking their leg. Everybody was excepting something big to have happened but no.

  5. a young girl was playing on the rocks behind the visitor concession stand and fell. I dont know if she broke her leg but i heard that she had a pretty bad gash to her knee or lower leg.

  6. While you’re at it, if you’re going to post, learn to spell and use proper grammer. This whole thread reflects a mind numbing level of stupidity.

  7. Couldn’t agree more with the last post. Back to the game. I posted early yesterday afternoon that turnovers and penalties would be the difference. Wash had 3 fumbles and 12 penalties. The Lions had 9 of their own penalties, but 0 turnovers. I also pointed out that LM’s “lesser known” players would make the difference. While Atwater played a tremendous game he found four different players for touchdowns. Between special teams and defense 18 different Lions were in on tackles. Washington’s top players might have a slighht edge on the top players from LM, but the Lions appeared to have more players who could make plays. That and the turnovers ultimately made the difference.

  8. If you’re gonna argue @lm4life atleast learn your way around a keyboard first. Your spelling is atrocious. Along with your attitude.

  9. FYI, if you’re going to take a shot at somebody about their intelligence, you might want to proof the post you take it in for signs of your own ignorance. I’ll be generous and allow you “atleast” as a typo, but “Along with your attitude.” isn’t even a sentence.

  10. @ washfball10 When you can’t talk about the subject; don’t talk at all.

  11. FYI if you’re going to take a shot at someone’s grammar you might want to proofREAD the post you write it in for signs that you didn’t even proofread your own. I’ll be generous and say that your comment made me laugh.

  12. Why doesn’t Iowa Prep Sports kill this thread?

    Free speech means responsible speech.

  13. There were several posts deleted at some point. My post was in response to those that were deleted. Someone had posted as “Carr.” Since the posts I responded to were deleted you can delete mine as well.

  14. There needs to be some kinda log in to make comments

  15. I’ll tell you who it was, it was that damn sasquatch!

  16. alex carr is the best football playwer in the whole state. He plays both ways the whole game with no breaks, on top of averaging 44 carries and plus 200 yards vs top 10 teams. jer garmen is a great back dont get me wrong but will he really be able to put up good number ves a city high or a xavier. no. if wash had help for alex carr they would be unstopable

  17. also on that fumble, it might have been a strip. how can u call it a fumble if the ref that had the best view signaled TD! the ref in the back signaled he was down! wash got cheated. there is a video on fb i heard from a student that shows the real story

  18. Ya watch the video he clearly fumbled

  19. football 2011, are you stupid? about 1:03 from the end in the video above shows the strip. I have watched it AGAIN and AGAIN and you can clearly see the pulled pulled out BEFORE Carr hits the ground. Haters gonna hate.

  20. darn you whoever posted under “LM” because i’ve been using that lately!
    anyway, said LM twin is right. the ball is clearly out.

  21. Carr better than Garman but Linn Mar a better TEAM than Wash.. Carr may be the best player in the state.. I think he is to me.

  22. I don’t understand what arguing about the game will accomplish. It’s over and done with, you can’t blame one missed call or penalty on the reason the game was lost for either team. One team took care of business and the other did not. Carr played hard, Garman played hard. It will be interesting to see how the play offs go for both teams and I wish them luck. Washington plays dirty and always has, it’s a common known fact. Probably because their coach is about as mature as #99.

  23. To the above comment…. Since when has Wash ‘always’ played dirty?
    We don’t need to play dirty, we win our fair amount of games without it. It’s teams that struggle you should really watch, they have nothing to lose so they have no problem playing dirty to the point of being just plain nasty.
    Actually if you really wanna know, Xavier has the dirtiest players in my experience

  24. How are Xavier players the dirtiest? What do they do that other teams don’t do regardless to playing “dirty” besides play hard and hitting hard because that’s all I have seen.

  25. Wash is the dirtiest team hands down! Xavier has been known to hit hard and go hard all the time and sometimes that results in late hits which I have seen but i wouldn’t say that’s terribly dirty. But the refs are always on xaviers side which pisses me off. And I think you can all agree that refs usually go against linn-mar mainly in basketball

  26. I agree but how are he refs always on xaviers side? The inadvertent whistle against I.C High they weren’t on their side. They have been called for multiple holding calls in almost every game so idk where you get that they refs are always on xaviers side

  27. I wasn’t at that game so ig I shouldn’t rly comment on that one. That’s the tough thing about playin on the road. The worst team is whalart tho no matter who it is that goes to play on the road against them always gets screwed by refs it’s ridiculous.

  28. The better coach won this game. LM went away from their RB and Wash refused. When is Wash going to learn that you don’t win any team prize for how many carries or yards your RB gets. LM made the better coaching move and it proved to be the difference. I wonder if Wash would have been more prepared if they would have spent time during their first 5 blowouts to work with their Soph QB rather than pumping up Carr’s numbers. Good call Lombardi. I would be upset if I was a Wash parent, even Carr’s parent.

    Just another reason Wash won’t beat City High or any quality team that has more than 1 offensive weapon.

  29. City Alex Carr didn’t play a full game until you guys and Kennedy? Thats what Wash has to do to win. He and Jer had almost the same amount of carries the first 6 weeks. City you guys are so cocky Linn Mar you guys are terrible Wash only has a running game. You arn’t doing much beating Wash you were SUPPOSE to win. Beat City. YOU SUPPOSE to beat XAVIER your 7-0

  30. Lombardi continues to go to Carr exclusively because A) That’s the only offensive weapon he has, and B) If Lombardi’s not going to be winning state championships (which he’s obviously not and won’t be), then to continue to try to convince people of his greatness, he has to convince them he’s turning out exceptional players. Wash is blessed with some very good athletes, but only one of them can be Lombardi’s featured/annointed/chosen one. The next two years it will be the sophomore he’s now starting at quarterback, A.J. Puk, everyone else will be window dressing. You can take that to the bank.

  31. As a former player of Lombardi (graduated last year) I couldn’t agree much more with you mvc fan.
    Last year it was Andre, before that Keenan

  32. If I was the Wash coach, had Carr and that big O-line and a sophmore QB, I’d emphasize the run game too.

    As for the game with Linn-Mar, having a real passing option “might” have been enough to get the W for Wash. However, having a decent pass defense would definitly have sealed a win after getting up 21-0. The LM receivers, all of them, were so wide open all night that it was pathetic. If you were a Wash fan that is. :)

  33. Lombardi is a complete and total arse–always has been, always will be. Wash should be ashamed of his behavior and that of his players. They do nothing but further the bad reputation that football program has had for quite sometime. The cheap-shot attitude shown by the team comes direct from the top and filters down through the program. He is nothing but a bully & thug and it is shown on the field by his players. The actions of #99 during the line-up put a nice bow on it all.
    I’ve personally seen him berate 10-year old boys while coaching against him. Ten! To say nothing of doing the same thing to a mother of one of those 10-year olds to the point of her breaking down in tears.
    Washington of course has many gifted athletes and good kids. They should be allowed to shine and compete. As long as this overgrown spoiled little boy is in charge of the football program, he will do nothing but worsen the already bad image of the ENTIRE school…and that is truly too bad.

  34. Has anybody out there actually seen City High or Xavier play this year? If so, can you give us some idea of what to look for in the upcoming games?

  35. It’s pretty sad that a lot of you that has made comments,don’t know Coach Lombardi or the other players on the team. Instead of bad mouthing the kids or the Coach, why don’t you get to know them. I take offense to a lot of the comments. I have relatives that attend wash,and play football. Coach Lombardi has always shown and giving me the upmost RESPECT. Why don’t you just let the kids play, and grown folks stay out of it. Matter of fact,How many of you grown folks has offerred to volunteer or give back, if you think these kids are so bad.Step up to the plate. I’m proud of wash,it’s a good school, and they have good kids.
    And let me comment on an earlier comment,I address this to the African American young brother,It’s time to wake up little man, don’t think just because you go to school there,and have friends,they’ll have your back, or put you first. Trust me, there smiling in your face,and stabbing you in the back.Even in 2010, It’s the fact of life. Been there,said that,done that, and EXPERIENCE THAT. Only one to trust is GOD. He’ll never fail you.(words of wisdom)

  36. My goodness Espn is missing out on some top level sports analysists here!!
    You’re all so lame for arguing on here. It proves absolutely nothing

  37. I won’t comment about Wash in general, but the fact is that Jer had to have stitches last Friday night, and that occurred right after Wash was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct on the tackle of him.

    Also, I’ve been to all the LM football games the last 2 years, and several in the years before. Friday night was the only time that I’ve seen the neck-tackle technique that one of the Wash players used. I don’t attribute that to just playing hard. I learned it was illegal to clothesline a player even before I started organized play in junior high.

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