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Posted December 19, 2009
Cedar Rapids Prairie Holiday Classic duals

(If you keep refreshing the page the updates will filter in)

I will be providing live updates from the Prairie Holiday Classic today, featuring Prairie, Waverly-Shell Rock, Mount Vernon and Cedar Falls. The fifth wrestling team scheduled for the field was Harrah, Okla., which is ranked #2 in Oklahoma’s Class 5A, however, they were comfortable with travel in possible winter weather and backed out earlier this week.

The first round match ups are Praire vs. Mount Vernon and Waverly-Shell Rock vs. Cedar Falls (Very weird seeing Jay Llewellyn coaching as an asst. for WSR and against Cedar Falls).

The Go-Hawks and Tigers have two matches left and WSR leads 53-12. Prairie and Mount Vernon are about the midway point with the Hawks leading 31-4.

Prairie just received back-to-back pins from trevor Hardin (130) and Jake Rizzio (135). The Go-Hawks had the same with Anthony Walther (160) and Colin Heidemann (171). Those were sandwiched by Cedar Falls pins by Michael Kelly (152) and Zach Rahnavarti (189).

Waverly-Shell Rock’s top-ranked Cody Krumwiede scores a fall at 215, completing a 59-18 win for the Go-Hawks. The win was Krumwiede’s 100th career victory, as announced by Prairie’s wonderful PA announcer John “Bubba” Randall, who also announces at the state tournament at Des Moines’ Wells Fargo Arena.

Prairie leads, 49-7, as the last two matches are in the final seconds. Mount Vernon gets major at 171 to make it 49-11. Prairie’s up Andrew Netolicky is up 1-0 over Dillon Lass late at 189. Netolicky wins and Prairie gets fall at 215 to win 58-11.

Now we have Round 2 starting soon. Duals are: Prairie vs. Cedar Falls and Waverly-Shell Rock vs. Mount Vernon.

The big match up is in the third round between Prairie and WSR. Looking forward to a Rinken/Hardin match and a Caldwell/Witte bout. With the weight changes, you have to throw in Ballweg/Rizzio at 135 as well.

We’re starting at 103.

Prairie and WSR both get pins at 103 and lead 6-0.

Werner with a fall for WSR, giving the Go-Hawks a 12-0 lead. DeVos up, 9-2, at 119. Jayden Flege (CRP) up 15-1 in second period at 112. Flege with the TF and CRP leads 11-0 after two. DeVos with a 19-4 TF for WSR and Go-Hawks up, 17-0 after three.

WSR gets a pin at 125, increasing its lead to 23-0. Schwab of CF gets major dec. at 119, making it, 11-4, CRP after 119.

Looked to the opposite mat and only caught the slap by the ref signalling the pin by WSR’s Jordan Rinken at 130. Rinken gets pin in 10 seconds for his 100th career victory, joining Krumwiede who did it in the opening round against Cedar Falls.

Before you can blink, Jake ballweg gets a pin at 135. WSR up 35-0.

Prairie’s Brennan Fischergets a fall at 125. CRP up 17-4. We started at 103.

Cody caldwell with 47 second fall. WSR up, 41-0, after 140. Rosters are a little goofy, listing Ballweg and Caldwell at 140/145, but they’re both down a weight. WSR adds a first-period pin at 145 and then a pin in 1:05 at 152. WSR leads 53-0. WSR gets forfeit at 160. 59-0.

Hardin with a fall at 130 and CRP up 23-4. Rizzio with a pin in 3:15, giving CRP a 29-4 lead.

I believe it was Josh Haug for Mount Vernon at 171. He built a 5-1 lead before getting a pin. WSR up 59-6 going into 189. Toerner with a major for CF at 140. CRP leads 29-8.

Witte with a fall in 1:43. CRP up 35-8. Got to give the CF kid credit. He fought and fought and made Witte earn fall, getting out of some very tight posititions.

Lass wins a tight one at 189, 8-5. WSR leads, 59-9, with two matches left.

Kelly on the mat for CF against CRP’s Peyton Wagner. Good to see Wagner back after a scary injury at Indee.

Krumwiede with a fall in 1:15 and WSR forfeits at Hwt. WSR wins 65-15.

Kelly with a fall in 3:01 over Wagner. CRP leads, 35-14.

Really think it would have been fun to have Harrah, Okla., here. These have been pretty lopsided duals, so it would have been interesting to see WSR and CRP against a highly-ranked team in Oklahoma.

They’ve now moved the CRP/CF dual to two mats. Cedar Falls scores major at 160, 35-18, CRP leads. Andrew Netolicky with a fall at 189 and CRP leads 41-18.

CF’s Hirsch with a throw and a fall in :34. CRP leads 41-24 now. Steenblock with an 18-3 TF as time runs down at 171. CRP 46-24 with Hwt. left.

Dillon Brunscheen with a fall at Hwt. and CRP wins 52-24.

They are taking an extended varsity break, wrestling one JV round since everything is almost 80 minutes ahead of schedule. I will be stepping away as well. Keep checking back for the start of the final round, which features C.R. Prairie/Waverly-Shell Rock and Mount Vernon/Cedar Falls.

Looks like we won’t be starting the final round until 1:35 or so. CORRECTION: The final round will start approximately at 1:30.

We’ve started. Werner gets TF in opening match at 112. Flege fought off back in third to avoid fall and saved a team point. DeVos with 1:21 pin at 119. WSR up 11-0 quickly.

Rottink with takedowns in the first and third to beat Fischer, 4-0, and WSR up 14-0. Now up, Rinken (WSR) and Hardin (CRP), at 130.

Hardin with takedown at end of first; Rinken with escape and a takedown in second, but Hardin escapes in final seconds of 2nd for 3-3 tie going into third. Hardin goes down, Rinken rides him out, get NF3 on a power half. Rinken wins, 6-3, and WSR up 17-0.

At the end of 140, Cedar falls and Mount Vernon are tied, 15-15.

At 135, jake Rizzio (CRP) vs. Jake Ballweg (WSR). Entertaining first. Lots of action but ends scoreless.

Second period ends in controversy, back points being counted. ref awards two, but WSR disputes saying there should have been NF3 with what was left on the clock.

Second period ends in controversy, back points being counted. ref awards two, but WSR disputes saying there should have been NF3 with what was left on the clock. Third period, Balweg opens it up, scoring an E1, T2, NF3 and then adding a T2 as time expires. Scoreboard has it as 9-2. I have it 10-1. Not sure what they have for final, but they do award major decision points. WSR was penalized two team points during contesting one call at end of second. It’s now, 19-0. At 140, Cody Caldwell vs. Camerton Rathje. Caldwell builds 13-point lead before the fall. WSR up, 25-0.

Cedar Falls beats, Mount Vernon 45-33.

Zach Witte (CRP) wins hard-fought 15-10 decision over Blake Seehusen at 145. WSR leads 25-3.

At 152, Peyton Wagner (CRP) vs. Shawn Miller (WSR). Wagner with a takedown in the first period, rides him and then uses a power half to turn him, eventually getting the fall in 1:54.

160 is Anthony Walther (WSR) vs. Austin Bartosh (CRP). WSR leads 25-9. Walther gets a fall in 4:44 and WSR leads, 31-9.

Colin Heidemann (WSR) vs. Alex Steenblock (CRP) at 171. Steenblock with a second-period escape and rides out Heidemann in third for 1-0 win. WSR up, 31-12.

At 189, Andrew Netolicky gets a pin for C.R. Prairie. At 215, Cody Krumwiede gets a fall after building a 8-3 lead.

C.R. Prairie gets a forfeit at Hwt. WSR leads, 37-24, going into the final match, which is 103.

We have 10th-ranked Zach Becicka (CRP) vs. No. 9 Andrew Steiert (WSR). Steiert reversal in the final 10 seconds of the second period of 2OT and wins, 2-0. WSR wins, 40-24.

Thanks for following.

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    Cedar Rapids Prairie Holiday Classic duals

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